Friday, October 14, 2011

Love is in the Air

Most people believe Spring to be the most magical time for romance, and while maybe this is true I always find autumn to be full of romantic possibilities.  Perhaps it's that time of year when people begin gearing up for the cold winter months ahead, of staying indoors with that special someone.  As the air is getting crisper, I thought of this wedding that took place at Esma Sultan.  The couple seemed to be so in love and I found the atmosphere I created to be both ethereal and sexy, all contained inside a fairy tale setting.

The palace was built in the late nineteenth century.  Its namesake Esma Sultan was married at the age of fourteen to Mehmed Pasha, a leading statement.  He died when she was twenty six and she never remarried.  According to legends, she became a maneater, touring up and down the Bosporus in a golden gondola, picking young boys and bringing them back to the palace.  After one night with them, she had her staff dispose of the bodies to destroy any evidence of her sexual escapades.  There goes the romantic setting I composed.  Enjoy these photos and all the best to the fall season!

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