Monday, August 22, 2011

Up the Garden Path

I recently discovered for myself the beautiful town of Ravello while attending my friend Seyhan Ozdemir of Autoban's wedding.  Perched above Italy's Amalfi coast, life here is sublime . . . the architecture, the gardens and views, the airy villas and palazzos.  I found myself quite happy inside the fairy tale setting.  After arriving by boat, I wandered through the town, and was instantly charmed by its subdued glamour.  The wedding took place in the gardens of Villa Cimbrone, best known for once being owned by Ernest Beckett, who hosted so many famous guests including T.S. Elliot, Virginia Woolf, Winston Churchill, D.H. Lawrence, Greta Garbo, and Jean Piaget.  The elegant wedding and dinner echoed the talents and intrigue of all those visitors past . . . a wonderful summer experience, as the season soon draws to a close . . .


  1. Beautiful. I'm an Interior Designer in Los Angeles starting my own business. I love to hear there is still glamour in the business. I've been a longtime fan of your work which I've posted on my own blog. Good luck with the store in Istanbul. And keep blogging. In a way I do it more for myself now, something to look back on...

  2. Thank you for your comment. Always nice to know I have a fan! Keep up the glamour there on the West Coast...maybe one day our paths will cross.