Monday, August 8, 2011

Sweet Nothing

I've lost count of how many consecutive summers I've spent in Capri.  It remains one of my favorite locations in the world.  And a visit is incomplete without multiple reservations at the restaurant and beach club La Fontelina.  One can arrive early in the morning and hope to stake a claim to a spot along the rocky beach, but better in high season to call the concierge and book a seaside mattress a couple of days in advance.  Fresh mussels, handmade pasta, and house sangria between morning and afternoon swimming and sunning make for an unforgettable authentic Italian experience, la dolce far niente: the sweet of doing nothing.  I come for the crystal clear blue water against stunning rock formations, the brilliant colors meshing with subtle earth tones, the impeccable service, the perfect fresh food, and the most beautiful people in the world.  I hope you have some time to get away this summer, either to one of your favorite places, or off to explore somewhere entirely new.

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