Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Caffè Break

A visit to Venice isn't complete without a stop at my favorite cafe, Caffe Florian.  Yes, two coffees do cost 30 Euros here, but one willingly pays to be surrounded by beautiful art, super smart waiters in white jackets, live bands, and a pulsing history of famous visitors, including Charles Dickens, Marcel Proust, and Casanova.  Opened in 1720, it is a contender for oldest coffee house in continuous operation, and yet still feels fresh and eagerly accepting of new patrons.  While the interiors are stunning, when the weather is nice, I like finding a table outside and sitting under the colonnade on St Marco Square, watching the beautiful world pass by.  If you haven't experienced the superb service and the tasty coffee and treats you own it to yourself to pay the piper and bask in one of modern Venice's oldest traditions.

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  1. Hi Antony, a fellow Aussie here who greatly admires your style :)