Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Inhabited Sculpture

Since being back in New York after Istancool, I relish being in my store.  It's really like coming home after a long journey.  We held an event here last Wednesday, and I found myself proud of the objects and furniture meshing with the beautiful crowd, especially Chuck Pryce's sculptures, which people couldn't help but pick up and touch.  I'm very lucky to have been introduced by a close friend to Chuck, and since then he and I have become good friends and colleagues (just recently in fact he sent me those amazing eggs from his Hamptons farm).  His pieces are sensual yet, because of their weight, masculine and sturdy.  One can appreciate the substantial quality of the objects, especially because, I think, they invoke a presence, which seems to vibrate with joy, either when resting or whilst being held  My first and favorite that I fell in love with is the wishbone, available in so many sizes and colors, but there are many other shapes to have and hold.  I'd love for you to stop by the store and experience the magic of Chuck's sculptures for yourselves.

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