Friday, April 8, 2011

Schnabel's West Village Palazzo

Located at 360 West 11th Street, Palazzo Chupi is a residential building created by artist Julian Schnabel. The lower floors were once a part of a horse stable and after Schnabel bought the building he began building on top of the existing structure. The building now contains five condominium units and Schnabel's studio on the ground floors.

Some regard the building as a piece of art . . . others think it's an extension of Schnabel's ego and completely out of context in the neighborhood. I personally like the building and had an opportunity very recently to design a small private party on one of the terraces. I wanted to take the colors of the building and transfer them to the tented balcony to create a playful youthful environment.

The party was a success and it was definitely a rare treat to finally see inside the infamous building.
Interior photography by Yale Wagner.

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  1. The top red portion does look like an afterthought.