Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Cutting a Rug

Probably my favorite place in the world to buy rugs can be found in Manhattan.  Double Knot is located at 13 White Street in Tribeca and run by Murat, a Turkish man who is not only very knowledgeable about carpets and rugs but also extremely friendly to work with.  I have even bought a few quieter pieces for my home in Istanbul and had them shipped.  Murat has an amazing collection of old jute kilims, usually sewn together from the best pieces salvaged from late 19th and early 20th Century carpets.  The end result is almost modern in its simplicity.  I also enjoy their artisan quality and provincial feel they add to 18th Century or mid-Century modern furniture.  The photos I took during a recent trip are bold and striking compared to the softer pieces I have acquired.  But placed in the right spot, they can easily liven an entrance or any floor surface for your home.  Definitely worth a visit to Double Knot.  Murat is tirelessly helpful and honest about what he sells.


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