Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lost and Found

I love losing myself in a city and finding new treasures. During a recent trip to Paris, I found an amazing map, which you can see in person at my store on East 11th Street.

This is the early 20th Century edition of Michel-Etienne Turgot's monumental 1739 map of Paris. This map of Paris is one of the most ambitious urban mapping ever undertaken. Turgot, who held the mayor-like office of Prévôt des Marchands de Paris, commissioned Louis Bretez and Claude Lucas to produce this map in 1734.

The map, printed on canvas, is oriented to the east, and shows every building, window, tree, shadow and park. It took nearly five years of sketching and surveying to assemble this masterpiece. In order to accomplish this feat, Bretez was issued a permit to enter every building in Paris. Oh the wonders of government.

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  1. Hi Antony,
    Fantastic blog about Michel-Etienne Turgot's map. I know it's a sin to ask about the supplier. However I'm going to Paris in February and would love to visit the store.
    If you are able to pass on the details this would be greatly appreciated.

    Regards Ben

  2. ammazing!! Post more blogs!! I love reading your posts!